Global Link Sales Enterprises


About us

Global Link Sales Enterprises is focused on the real estate development projects, starting from research activities and location analysis to the opening of new buildings and their placement on the market.
The activities of Global Link Sales Enterprises comprise strategic planning and projects development, design and construction management, real estates management and control and placement of constructed building on the market.
Global Link Sales Enterprises is a leading company in the field of real estates and has achieved in its portfolio a unique combination of retail sale, business, residential and hotel buildings in the region. Global Link Sales Enterprises is carrying out high quality projets in compliance with the international requirements and introducing new standards in the real estate industry in the entire region.
Shopping malls and hotels represent important investment projects.

Our Mission
It is with passion that we assist companies and folks just like yourself to improve the society in which we live and work. We thrive on clear and transparent communication between all parties involved. We know the importance of families as well as business negotiations.

Our Vision
To be a strong global company in the eyes of our clients, partners and employees, recognizable for the VALUES and to assure our company growth as well as all of our clients.

Our Services

All our efforts are focused on helping you

Asset Management

How organizations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow in which is one of our companies forte.


Today’s achievement is tomorrow’s expectation. So, whether your focus is on transforming your business or improving you and your family’s lifestyle in which we will fully assist you.

Property Sale & Resale

We offer an organized arrangement of freehold properties in a large portion of the created tasks in the freehold division in the real estate and vacation sector.

Lease Enforcement

The lease between the landlord and tenant states the legal terms of the agreement and is in place for the protection of both the landlord and tenants.

Property Valuation and Consultation

Our appraisers are ready to give a full range of valuation and practice services below one service shelter, making certain that the consumer receives a fair if not a very profitable return on investment.

Property Lease & Management

Whether an intentional investor in rental property is looking to earn income or an owner trying to lease a home to help pay their expenses, our legal department will inform you of the local laws that defines you as a landlord/owner.